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As a past customer of ours we thought you might be interested in our new website and facebook pages. will let you leave reviews on products bought which helps us to maintain a high quality service and helps buyers when selecting products.

If you have a facebook page and wanted to be kept updated on special offers and deals on end-of-line products please visit our new facebook page by clicking the facebook button.

It has professional pool video coaching and occasional special discount codes for our facebook followers. Just visit & click the ` like` button at the top of our facebook page and we will then advise of any further coaching video clips or special offers. One customer presently has an 8ft slate bed table to sell for only £395.

We feel most cue enthusiasts will be interested in the information we send but if you do not wish to receive these news letters and offers Click here to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Hope you will join us.


The team at and Blue Moon Leisure.

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