Exmoor 2 pc cue butt available in snooker or pool

The Exmoor 2 piece snooker cue is a genuine hand spliced snooker cue with attractive full wrap splices and veneers that are all in natural timbers that will suit snookers traditionalists.

The shaft is machined from high quality straight grained ash with a brass joint in the middle which has matching grain as you would expect from a cue of this quality and price. The brass ferule is finished off with a 9.5mm tip.

The butt will accept a mini-butt that is included FREE with the cue and you have the option of buying a Blueray telescopic cue extension at a discounted price if you buy at the same time as the cue. We also have a case offer at a discounted price for further savings.

We have a good qty of this cue so can offer them in a selection of weights.

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