3/4 butt jointed snooker cues for sale

We have a wide selection of 3/4 butt jointed snooker cues to suit all snooker players.

3/4 butt jointed snooker cues

3/4 butt-jointed snooker cues are perhaps our best selling cues. Though longer to carry then the shorter two piece (mid-joint) cues, they can still be broken down to a more manageable size to carry around easier then one piece cues. This is not a reason on it’s own to buy a butt-jointed cue but is does help to transport it around if you play league snooker. Many of the Professionals do prefer the butt-jointed  snooker cues and you will see them using them on the T.V in tournaments.

Cue, case and extensionsUp to just a few years ago most 3/4 butt-jointed snooker cues had cue extensions which screwed directly into the shaft which meant the butt had to be removed in order to fit the extension. More recently with joints being put in the very bottom of the cues for mini-butts, most players with butt jointed cues choose BL16 Blueray cue extensions which can be fitted directly in to the cue without having to take of the butt.

We supply some of the best value 3/4 butt jointed snooker cues you will find anywhere. You will note we said `best value` and did not say `cheapest` as most of our cues are genuine machine-spliced or hand-spliced cues with selected timbers. Many of the cheaper cues on other sites are painted to look like Machine-spliced or Hand-spliced butts and are grandly described as `ebonised`. The truth is they could just as easily be described as `painted`, which is what they are. There is nothing wrong with buying an `ebonised` cue and we do from time to time stock some to meet customers needs, but you should realise there is a big difference in both the production and balance and feel of a cue that has genuine hardwood timbers in the butt.

Blue Moon cue badgeWe supply our own range of 3/4 butt jointed snooker cues under the `Blue Moon` brand and these cues are only available direct through ourselves so you can be assured you are getting a good deal. With the Blue Moon cues we have control over the quality, design and cue spec’ and only badge those with the Blue Moon brand that meet that high standard that makes them good value for money.

We also have a wide selection of 3/4 butt jointed snooker cues in the Mastercue range which have long been established as high quality cues. We make no secret that they make some of the cues in our own range to our own spec’.

We also stock Powerglide cues, Peradon cues, and Buffalo cues as well as a selection of cues in the BCE/Riley range.  This means that we have a wide range of 3/4 butt-jointed snooker cues that should meet most players needs in price and quality. We are still adding many of these cues to our site but if you would like to visit our pages to see our 3/4 butt jointed snooker cues click here. If you have a particular budget or are buying as a gift you are most welcome to phone us or e-mail us and we will suggest some models to you that might be suitable. We are always pleased to help our customers find a cue that fits their price and quality requirements so please give us a try!

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