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This seasons Teams and Captains.

Ilfracombe snooker


Chairman Geof Whitmore – Elected in absence

Treasurer  Nick Beaumont – Tel No 07790961353

Results Rob Field – Tel 01271 889147

Cup Secretary  Dave Rose – Tel No 07855956509


BERRY BOYS – Institute

Captain – Maurice Draper

Tel No 07875820643 – Home 01271 883140

e-mail N/A

Vice  – Mario Weeks

Tel No 07887 602708


Registration form and player contact details Berry Boys

BREAKERLEGS – Liberal Club

Captain – Scott Beckerlegg

Tel No 07833960155


Vice – Dan Moore

Tel No

e-mail N/A

Breakerlegs registration form with player contact details Team and Individual entry forms Breakerlegs League Team Entry Form – 2017-18  

*Added Mark Gilfillan and Dale Jefferies – 20th Sept 2017.

NOMADS – Institute

Captain- Ian Carlyle

Tel No 07767093001 Home 01271 883784


Vice – Ray Tossell

Tel No 07857641684 – Home 01271883784

e-mail nickand

Registration form and player contact details Nomads

LOOSE ENDS – Institute

Captain – Nick Beaumont

Tel No 07790961353


Vice – Dave Payne

Tel No 07841561046 – Home 01271883521


Registration form and player contact details Loose Ends

PESSIMISTS – Bowling Club

Captain – David Rose

Tel No 07855956509 – Home 01271 865059


Vice – Frank Anson

Tel No 07969647078


Registration form and player contact details Pessimists

HOPEFULS – Bowling Club

Captain – Phil Estall

Tel No 07909536215 – Home 01271 867979

Vice – Nick Harwood

Tel No 07909556215 – Home 01271 862712

e mail

Registration form and player contact details Hopefuls



 Held at Combe Martin Snooker Club

on Wednesday 23 August 2017 at 8.00 pm.


Captains & Members:         

Nick Beaumont, Rob Field, Dave Rose, Maurice Draper, Mario Weeks, Nick Harwood, Mike Field,
Roger Adams, Phil Estall, Ian Carlyle, Ray Tossell, Dave Payne.

Apologies:   Scott Beckerleg (who was working), and the retiring Chairman, Tony Summers.

2016 AGM Minutes:             There were no Minutes available from the previous year.

Matters Arising:                    Nick Harwood proposed a vote of thanks to the Officers for their work over the past year.

Nick Beaumont proposed a vote of thanks to Ian Carlyle for organising the trophies and 2017 Presentation Dinner at short notice.

Treasurer’s Report:              Nick Beaumont presented the Receipts and Payments Account for the year, and confirmed that our finances were buoyant and that we currently have a balance of £3,120.44 in hand.

                                                Nick mentioned that we had made no donations to charity for two seasons, and there was approximately £150 that has been raised through the Charity Cup since the last donation, and he therefore proposed the last two years’ winners should get together and decide the charity to which this amount should be donated.

Entries for 2017/18 Season:  Entries were received from the six teams who entered the 2016/17 Season, and entry forms were received on the night from five teams, and Scott Beckerleg’s form would be sent by e-mail.

There were reports that Steve Cole may be entering a team from the Liberal Club in Ilfracombe, and that Tom Smith may be entering one or two teams from Lynton.  It was agreed to accept entries up to 31 August 2017, and David Rose would check with Steve Cole to see if he was interested, and Nick Beaumont would contact Tom Smith.

Election of Officers:

Chairman:    Jeff Whitmore was proposed in his absence, and his team mates will ask Jeff upon his return from holiday to accept this nomination.

Treasurer:       Nick Beaumont

Public Relations Officer:        Rob Field

Competition Secretary:           David Rose

Each of the above three candidates confirmed that they were prepared to stand for the coming year, and in the absence of any other proposals, they were unanimously elected en bloc.

Other Matters:                       Procedures for the results sheets were discussed, and it was agreed that a strict time limit of 48 hours after the date of the matches would be set as the deadline for getting the Team Sheets to Rob Field.  A penalty was discussed for contravention, and it was proposed that a 5 point deduction be levied.  An amendment was proposed of 7 points deduction which was passed and accepted.

Nick Beaumont said that he was happy to accept payment for the weekly subs on a monthly basis if this helped.

Ian Carlyle again offered to arrange the Annual Dinner and awards.

Fixtures Nick Beaumont promised to sort out the Fixture List for the League Matches, and it was agreed that the first half matches were to be concluded before Christmas, and the last match date would be on 15 December.  Handicaps will be revised over the Christmas break.

Team Cup Matches may have to be included on Mondays, to ensure that we finish reasonably early.  Nick said that he would prepare a draft Fixtures List, and circulate, and the dates could then be tinkered with afterwards.

First Captains Meeting:         The next Meeting was fixed for Wednesday 1 November 2017, when all entries for the individual Cup Competitions would need to be received.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed.

Teams registration forms and contact details

Berry Boys – Team and Individual entry forms Breakerlegs League Team Entry Form – 2017-18 Hopefuls Loose Ends Nomads Pessimists – Team and Individual entry forms



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