Articles of interest to pool and snooker players

J_chalking_cue_small 1This section will hopefully be able to supply you with information that will be of interest to snooker and pool players. We are hoping to add further articles in the future but we already have information that will make your choice of choosing a cue easier, as well as common tips (excuse the pun!) on cue care, such as changing a tip.

If there is anything you would like us to include in this section please contact us and let us know.

4 thoughts on “Articles

  1. gary cutmore

    I love your site and the quality of your products plus the knowledge that you undeniably possess on all things snooker related,but forgive me for being pedantic; articals should be spelled otherwise , namely – articles. Please feel free to pick fault with my grammar but I write this only because I’m a fan of your site and wish it to be better.

  2. Gary

    Hi Rob, you’re most welcome. I have at the moment one of those mass-produced cues from china which purports to be ‘hand made’ but I’m not convinced. It’s serviceable but when I upgrade, I will be buying from you.

    1. admin Post author

      To be fair Gary, we also sell some cues made in China. No cue maker in the UK would be able to supply a hand spliced cue for only £59. However, there are good cue makers and ones that are not so good. I can confirm though that any cues that are stated hand spliced on our site are genuine hand spliced and not painted to simulate as hand spliced cue. This technique is sometimes referred to as `ebonised`, but it is just another word for `painted`. We like to think all our cues offer great value for money, no matter what the cost or where they are made, but I would be pleased to help you in the future should you want to upgrade. Good luck, Rob.


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