Buying a CuePlus extendable telescopic pool cue from the UK to USA and Canada – Costs and payments


Customers buying our Extendable `American 9 ball` pool cues (sticks) from the USA and Canada.

We have sold several of our extending telescopic pool and snooker cues to the USA and Canada and customers in those countries are often interested in buying but are concerned about making a purchase from the U.K. Because of the popularity of our `CuePlus USA 49` extendable cues we have looked at selling these products on, however Amazon’s costs and taxes make the process much more difficult then it should be. In this post we will explain the costs involved and the easier process of purchasing direct from ourselves.

We are going to use the `CuePlus USA 49`  telescopic extending pool cue as a product example. To purchase this cue the cost is £79, however we can not charge VAT to the USA or Canada and this is included in the cost of our U.K buyers. This means 20% has to come off of the price which makes the cue £63.20 to the USA and Canada buyer and this saving will certainly help toward the post of £25, which includes post, packing, insurance and tracking service.

Some customers want to know what the conversion rate is in $ USA dollars and as this changes all the time the best way to calculate this would be to go to Googles currency conversion table . As you will see, buying direct from us still makes these extendable cues great value. At the time of this post (1st August 2018) to purchase one of these cues would be £63.20 plus £25 to include post,packing, insurance and tracking making a total of £88.20 converted is $115.80. Disclaimer; This was the currency conversion at the time of this post and it changes continually, it could be a little more but is just as likely to be a little less. You are advised to actually do this exercise yourself to give yourself some reassurance.

Okay, you know what this telescopic cue is going to cost you, but will there be any import tax? We can not advise on this as it appears to vary from State to State, however it is quite `unlikely` you will pay much (if indeed anything at all) though if it is something that concerns you, you should make inquiries and perhaps contact you local customs officers.

You have some concerns about returns? We have very few returns of these models, in fact less then with our traditional cues. However we do have a returns policy which you can see by visiting this link.

Providing we receive back in perfect condition we will refund you the cost of the product but we can not refund any postage costs so please do not buy these cues just to try and out of curiosity. Our telescopic equipment is often seen on T.V being used by professionals so you can be assured you will be getting a very good product. They are unlike any other cue so you can not check them by rolling on a table and you need to be aware of this before purchasing.

You now know what the Cueplus telescopic cue will cost and you want to go ahead so how do you pay? You need to visit this link overseas postage page and change the qty to 25, (each unit is worth £1), you then need to visit the product page for the CuePlus USA 49 and place your order, it is that simple. We will confirm your order and advise of any tracking details.

Please note that the postage costs are only relevant for the cue and if you wanted to add any further products or accessories to the order it could effect postage costs so you will need to contact our sales team for further information.

We will continue to look into the possibility of selling on but for the moment this is certainly the most convenient and cost effective way for you to purchase this product from us. Though we hope we have covered everything please do not hesitate to contact us for with any questions or for further help.

You can be assured we will try our best to provide a very good product and service.



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