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Buying a CuePlus extendable telescopic pool cue from the UK to USA and Canada – Costs and payments


Customers buying our Extendable `American 9 ball` pool cues (sticks) from the USA and Canada.

We have sold several of our extending telescopic pool and snooker cues to the USA and Canada and customers in those countries are often interested in buying but are concerned about making a purchase from the U.K. Because of the popularity of our `CuePlus USA 49` extendable cues we have looked at selling these products on, however Amazon’s costs and taxes make the process much more difficult then it should be. In this post we will explain the costs involved and the easier process of purchasing direct from ourselves.

We are going to use the `CuePlus USA 49`  telescopic extending pool cue as a product example. To purchase this cue the cost is £79, however we can not charge VAT to the USA or Canada and this is included in the cost of our U.K buyers. This means 20% has to come off of the price which makes the cue £63.20 to the USA and Canada buyer and this saving will certainly help toward the post of £25, which includes post, packing, insurance and tracking service.

Some customers want to know what the conversion rate is in $ USA dollars and as this changes all the time the best way to calculate this would be to go to Googles currency conversion table . As you will see, buying direct from us still makes these extendable cues great value. At the time of this post (1st August 2018) to purchase one of these cues would be £63.20 plus £25 to include post,packing, insurance and tracking making a total of £88.20 converted is $115.80. Disclaimer; This was the currency conversion at the time of this post and it changes continually, it could be a little more but is just as likely to be a little less. You are advised to actually do this exercise yourself to give yourself some reassurance.

Okay, you know what this telescopic cue is going to cost you, but will there be any import tax? We can not advise on this as it appears to vary from State to State, however it is quite `unlikely` you will pay much (if indeed anything at all) though if it is something that concerns you, you should make inquiries and perhaps contact you local customs officers.

You have some concerns about returns? We have very few returns of these models, in fact less then with our traditional cues. However we do have a returns policy which you can see by visiting this link.

Providing we receive back in perfect condition we will refund you the cost of the product but we can not refund any postage costs so please do not buy these cues just to try and out of curiosity. Our telescopic equipment is often seen on T.V being used by professionals so you can be assured you will be getting a very good product. They are unlike any other cue so you can not check them by rolling on a table and you need to be aware of this before purchasing.

You now know what the Cueplus telescopic cue will cost and you want to go ahead so how do you pay? You need to visit this link overseas postage page and change the qty to 25, (each unit is worth £1), you then need to visit the product page for the CuePlus USA 49 and place your order, it is that simple. We will confirm your order and advise of any tracking details.

Please note that the postage costs are only relevant for the cue and if you wanted to add any further products or accessories to the order it could effect postage costs so you will need to contact our sales team for further information.

We will continue to look into the possibility of selling on but for the moment this is certainly the most convenient and cost effective way for you to purchase this product from us. Though we hope we have covered everything please do not hesitate to contact us for with any questions or for further help.

You can be assured we will try our best to provide a very good product and service.



Is there a difference between a Push-on cue extensions and the Screw-on cue extensions?

Darren asked; “Is there a difference between a Push-on cue extensions and the Screw-on cue extensions?”

Our answer was;

Hi Darren, there are some difference of-course between a push-on and a screw-on cue extension but be assured that either product that you buy from ourselves will work very well indeed. The Extenda Push-on cue extension will fit any snooker cue and is still used by many professionals as you will see on T.V. It is quick and easy to apply and even players who have a Blueray Telescopic cue extension sometimes will still use them. They can also be added to rests to extend their length as well. The Blueray telescopic cue extensiopns will require the correct joint to fit your cue as there are many different types of joints so one of these extensions will not fit all cues. We can provide these extensions however in a number of different joints which will fit many of the most common joints used in the manufacture of snooker and pool cues. Some important things to consider are whether you want all your equipment to fit into one snooker case and certainly there are more cases to choose from with a Blueray Screw-on telescopic cue extension as it is a slimmer product. Another important point to make is that I am only advising regarding our own telescopic cue extensions which are used by the professionals and which we make ourselves here in the U.K. There are Chinese copies which will not hold your cue straight and could even damage your cue as well as making you miss some important shots so if you want the best we advise that you either buy the original models from ourselves or one of our distributors. Hope this helps, though you are of-course welcome to phone us to discuss in more detail if you have any further questions.

Tip sizes for snooker and pool cues

Customer question;

Do you sell any snooker cues with 7mm tips please?

Our answer;

The tip sizes for cues are normally determined by the size of the cue ball you are playing with so the smaller the cue ball the smaller the tip.

Generally speaking most players prefer and 8mm to 8.5mm tip for a 1 & 7/8 pool cue ball, and 9.5mm to 10mm tip for a full size 2 1/16 snooker cue ball. American pool uses an even bigger cue ball so the tip sizes are normally between 12.5 mm and 13.5mm.

Of-course there are also many different sizes of table which also use different size balls but the above tip sizes are the most commonly used.

Sometimes we get some enquiries for 7mm tip cues, and though we can supply these at an extra cost we do not recommend for most players. Some players believe that a small tip size gives them more cueball control but you need to be a very good player indeed to be able to get any extra benefit from a tip of this size as it can sometimes cause miscues.

Also, the wood beneath a 7mm ferule would be very small and this can more easily cause the ferule to snap off completely, especially when playing power shots. Certainly we could not gauranatee this would not happen on any cue purchased from us with a 7mm ferule / tip and this is why we recommend 8mm to 8.5mm for pool cues.

We would advise that good practice is just as important as the tip size to obtain good technique and ball control and our coaching DVD’s (click here)  will certainly help with this.

Can you guarantee this cue is as described and won’t disappoint.


I’m interested in buying a  2 pc 3 section Blue Moon Cue and Case (Deal 230812a) can you tell me the weight of the cue and tip size?

I have bought a different cue from the internet prior and the cue wasn’t straight and the centre joint wasn’t so good.

Can you guarantee this cue is as described and won’t disappoint.

I have looked for reviews for your cue but can’t seem to find any.


Anthony Darroch – Sent from my iPhone

Our Reply

Hi Anthony,

The weight of the cue will normally be between 17.5 and 18.5 oz’s but if you have a preferred weight I can go through some and find one closest to your preferred weight. The tip size on this model is 9.5mm as this is a snooker cue and case deal. You can find more details on the cue by visiting this link .

Regarding quality, this is a very popular cue which is very good value for money cue. It is genuine spliced and not painted or transferred as many cues are in this price range. You will probably not find many reviews on this cue because we only sell them direct ourselves. We could put `made up` reviews on all our products as I believe some other suppliers do but it is not something we would even consider doing. Though there are no reviews on our site with the snooker model there are a couple on the pool model which you can see if you visit and scroll down the page.

Every cue is checked before despatch to pass our quality control, it will be straight but we do not check it by rolling it on a table as this is not the best way of checking any cue. Most cue company’s would advise the same.

It should also be noted that there is a difference between the £59 and the cues we sell that are £159. When considering quality you can not expect a £59 cue to be the same quality as one that costs 3 times as much but I can advise honestly that the Lynton offers very good value. You are also welcome to phone me to discuss if you wish and if you are local we have a showroom where you can actually try the cues. We are not just a company selling cues from a bedsit or garage, we are happy to speak to our customers and we sell our products all over the world. I would be interested where you got the last cue from.

I hope this helps but if you have any other questions please advise.

Kind Regards, Rob

Robert Field

Product Manager

Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd

1 – 2 King Street

Combe Martin

Ilfracombe EX34 0DB

Tel; 01271 889147 For a great selection of Snooker and Pool products for Pool, Snooker, Table Tennis and Table Football.



Do we supply Peradon cues?


Hi I contacted you a while ago about coming to look at some cues. I play pool and have been told perdon fletcher is a good snooker cue but can be used for pool I ideally want a one piece. Do u sell this brand? Thanks again lore


Hi Lore. The new showroom is taking longer then expected but I am trying to get it completed before the end of October. Having said this, we have had several visitors to the new premises who have been able to try some cues on our pool table. The only thing is that I have to get some cues out from our stock shelves instead of them all being on display.It will be better when the showroom is complete but for those who want to buy a cue more urgently and are prepared to take us as we are, they are welcome via an appointment. Regarding the Peradon Brand we are official stockest and can get any Peradon cue you want. We do not have any stock at the moment but will be including a selection of their cues in the new showroom. They are more expensive cues so we will not be stocking them in big qty’s so if you have a prefered model let me know and I will include one in my next stock order. Yes, you can play pool with a snooker cue but the tip sizes are normally determined by the size of the cue ball you are striking so a smaller tip is recommended for pool. If you wanted to use the same sue for snooker and pool then a bigger tip would be the way to go. The good thing about being able to try a number of cues in our showroom is that you do not just get a choice of different tip sizes but also of weights. Please feel free to give me a call if you want on 01271 889147.

Small tipped pool cue and case within a £50 to £90 budget, is hand-spliced best?

Sometimes our customers ask us some questions which you may find useful to know of our answers when choosing a new cue.

Hi, Luke

I’ve played snooker all my life but recently joined a pool team league and I noticed other players cues having a smaller diameter tip offering them better control and spin of the white.

I’m looking for some advice on your range of cues, ideally I’d like a hand spliced one as I remember being told these were higher quality cues.

Ideally I’d like a complete package with mini butt and case, my budget is from £50-90…

Any advice would be appreciated, I have no preference with 2pc 1/2, 3/4 or a 3pc… I reckon 1pc will be out of my budget.

Thanks in advance


 Luke Allan

Our Answer was as follows;

Hi Luke, thanks for the e-mail.

We have lots of pool cues in that price range so I would suggest you follow these links below and narrow down your choice to the ones you like based on the design you favour and price.

1 pc  . From this link you will find some cues in the £79 range but the mini-butts are extra and because the 1 pc cases are longer they are also more expensive. We would only be able to send these cues at the express price because of the length, so truthfully as you said these cues are a little outside your budget. There is a far wider choice in the 2pc and butt-jointed cues that would also be within your budget so unless you have a real preference for a 1 pc I would consider instead some of these other options.

2pc. . If you follow this link it will take you to our 2pc pool cues where there are about 3 pages of cues that might be within your budget, including some of our unique telescopic pool cues. The telescopic cues may not have been cues you have seen before as we presently make them and only supply through our own website. As you mention hand-spliced cues you will also find some of those in these pages, including the Lynton which is a popular model.

Butt-jointed pool cues. . If you follow this link you it will take you to a page full of butt-jointed cues that will be within your budget. There are some very good value butt-jointed cues here, including some hand-spliced models.

Pool cue and case deals. By following this link you will see some cue and case deals we have put together for our pool customers. We are regularly changing our cue and case deals and we do have recently received some stock that we have not had time yet even put on our website. The Arlington cue and case package    would probably be at the top end of your budget but is a nice package.

You may like to go through our cues and cases and put together your own package within your budget. Some of the pool cues do come with free mini-butts and you can them choose your own case to go with it. It is important if you do this that you check the cue does in fact take a mini-butt if that is important to you. Unlike our snookercues which nearly all accept a mini-butt, some of our pool cues don’t so please check if you want one.

What you say about the Hand-spliced cues being a higher quality, this does not always apply. You might have better materials in some of the machine splices cues then in some of the Hand-spliced cues. For example some hand-spliced models in Rosewood could be cheaper then a machine-spliced cue made in Ebony. What I can say is that each model is priced to give very good value for money, no matter if it is machine spliced or hand-spliced we like to feel that any cue bought from our website offers excellent value to the customer.

Hope this helps. Of-course if you have any questions at all you are always welcome to call me to discuss on 01271 889147.

Kind Regards, Rob


Q Rite – fit onto snooker cross head rests.

Q Rite snooker rest extensionCustomer questions;

On your web site you state:

The grip may require packing to make it tighter on some slimmer new style `X Heads` but this is very simple and quick and we can advise if this is necessary. Can you explain please.

Hi Abe, thanks for the e-mail.Q Rite with cue and rest

We state this (unlike most other websites) because we supply many snooker table rests with various makes of Cross Heads. Some of the rest heads have `slimmer legs` so the Q Rite is not quite so firm when pushed on. This is easily rectified by placing a small piece of card in a tube shape inside the piece that grips on to the Cross Head. This does not need to be done every time you use it, if you feel it is something that makes the product better I would just apply a little glue and leave it in all the time

Q Rite on cross head.This is not a piece that we make so we do not have any control over  the fit, however I have to say as it is so easily rectified  we have had no complaints from the many that we have  sold.

Cross Heads have changed in size over the years as snooker has developed and it is understandable that a Cross Head made 20 years ago is not the same as ones made today. At one time they nearly all had `plastic toes` but nowadays we find most customers prefer the `toeless` design. This is probably because all the Cross Heads are made in China and the plastic feet were either not threaded properly or simply snapped off after a period of use.

It could be that any `Q Rite` that you bought worked perfectly on the cross heads that you have but as experts in this type of snooker equipment we are able to give customers more details about the snooker products then many other suppliers are and we include these details in the description, even though it is a very low cost item anyway.

Hope this helps but please advise if I can help further or you have any further questions on our snooker and pool products.

Kind Regards, Rob

Yes, this helps.  Thank you!