Q Rite – fit onto snooker cross head rests.

Q Rite snooker rest extensionCustomer questions;

On your web site you state:

The grip may require packing to make it tighter on some slimmer new style `X Heads` but this is very simple and quick and we can advise if this is necessary. Can you explain please.

Hi Abe, thanks for the e-mail.Q Rite with cue and rest

We state this (unlike most other websites) because we supply many snooker table rests with various makes of Cross Heads. Some of the rest heads have `slimmer legs` so the Q Rite is not quite so firm when pushed on. This is easily rectified by placing a small piece of card in a tube shape inside the piece that grips on to the Cross Head. This does not need to be done every time you use it, if you feel it is something that makes the product better I would just apply a little glue and leave it in all the time

Q Rite on cross head.This is not a piece that we make so we do not have any control over  the fit, however I have to say as it is so easily rectified  we have had no complaints from the many that we have  sold.

Cross Heads have changed in size over the years as snooker has developed and it is understandable that a Cross Head made 20 years ago is not the same as ones made today. At one time they nearly all had `plastic toes` but nowadays we find most customers prefer the `toeless` design. This is probably because all the Cross Heads are made in China and the plastic feet were either not threaded properly or simply snapped off after a period of use.

It could be that any `Q Rite` that you bought worked perfectly on the cross heads that you have but as experts in this type of snooker equipment we are able to give customers more details about the snooker products then many other suppliers are and we include these details in the description, even though it is a very low cost item anyway.

Hope this helps but please advise if I can help further or you have any further questions on our snooker and pool products.

Kind Regards, Rob

Yes, this helps.  Thank you!



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