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Congratulations! You’ve just hit the best site for snooker and pool cues. If you want to know more about the wide range of pool cues we sell read below but if you know what you want and want to start shopping straight away just CLICK HERE.

1 piece Tudor snooker cue from Blue Moon LeisureWe have one of the best ranges of pool cues available to pool players that will suit the casual player and the serious player alike. We do not stock the cheaper `throw away` cues that are available by many of the big on-line stores like Argos, we take our pool more serious then that. We do however still stock cues in a wide range of prices from £19 to £169 and in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3p piece (butt-jointed) formats. Our Pool cues are designed for `English` Pool where a tip size of 8mm to 8.5mm is preferred because of the smaller cue ball. If you play American 9 ball pool then this site may not be for you. Incidentally, `English pool` is only how the game is described and truly bears no relevance to nationality. Just as `American pool` is played in the UK and all over the world, English pool is played world-wide, and is especially popular in France.


Newberry 2pc pool cue from Blue Moon Leisure

There is no difference in the playing ability of a 1pc, 2pc (mid-jointed), or 3pc (butt-jointed) cue, though many pool players may have a preference for a particular format for a variety of reasons. Some pool players prefer a 1 piece pool cue because they do not like the feel of a jointed cue or are perhaps concerned about the joints coming loose. This may have been a problem when jointed cues were first introduced but we have been selling cues for many years and this is certainly not the case now. If a joint does become loose it is very often because the cue has been knocked or dropped which would very likely damage any cue.

2 piece pool cues are obviously easier to carry to matches if you play in a league. For venues with tight spaces 3 piece (butt-jointed) pool cues are often useful because you can remove the butt to make it a smaller cue, however this will obviously effect the weight and balance.

Laser Pro Pool Cue in 3 pcIf it is a traditional cue you are looking for we have some great cues to choose from in either machine-spliced format or Hand-spliced format. For those of you who might not know the difference we have written an article on our blog page which you can see in more detail by clicking HERE.

Many pool cue suppliers sell cues with painted butts that are made to look like  they are either machine spliced or hand-spliced. Nearly all our traditional cues are either genuine machine spliced or genuine hand-spliced and if they are not we  make it clear so you know exactly what you are getting. In our own Blue Moon cues we specify before the production that they have to be produced with good quality ash. We know that in order to make a good cue you have to use good quality timbers.

CuePlus 45 telescopic pool cue from Blue Moon Leisure. Adjustable length and adjustable weight.We also supply pool cues in a wider range of styles then any other website, including some that are quite unique to ourselves. These include our Telescopic pool cues that may not to be everyone’s taste but are without doubt the worlds most versatile cues and really great value for money. Not only do they have variable length but some cue models in our Cueplus range actually have a variable weight system. These cues are designed and made in the U.K by ourselves and we only sell them direct to the customer so you can be sure you are getting a good deal. We will shortly be writing an article explaining in more detail the benefits of these cues, but if you wanted a brief explanation and an opportunity of seeing a video clip about them, please click HERE. Sorry the quality of the video is not sharp but it will at least explain the benefits of these cues.

What ever you pool cue requirements, we hope we will have a pool cue that suits your needs for price, quality, and value for money. Certainly no other website can offer the range of pool cues that we do.

We can supply;
Pub Pool Cues
Club Pool Cues
Machine spliced pool cues
Hand-spliced pool cues
1 piece pool cues
2 piece pool cues (with mid-joints)
3 piece pool cues ( or sometimes called butt-jointed pool cues)
Telescopic Pool Cues (adjustable lengths)
American 9 ball pool cues
pool cues with 8mm and 8.5mm cue tips
Blue Moon Pool cues (only available direct from Blue Moon and this website)
Custom made pool cues, ask us for details.

If for any reason you can not find what you are looking we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and offer expert advise. We sell our pool cues all over the world and can provide postage costs if you give us details of what you want and where you live, including town and postcode. Either e-mail us or phone on 01271889147.



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