Is there a difference between a Push-on cue extensions and the Screw-on cue extensions?

Darren asked; “Is there a difference between a Push-on cue extensions and the Screw-on cue extensions?”

Our answer was;

Hi Darren, there are some difference of-course between a push-on and a screw-on cue extension but be assured that either product that you buy from ourselves will work very well indeed. The Extenda Push-on cue extension will fit any snooker cue and is still used by many professionals as you will see on T.V. It is quick and easy to apply and even players who have a Blueray Telescopic cue extension sometimes will still use them. They can also be added to rests to extend their length as well. The Blueray telescopic cue extensiopns will require the correct joint to fit your cue as there are many different types of joints so one of these extensions will not fit all cues. We can provide these extensions however in a number of different joints which will fit many of the most common joints used in the manufacture of snooker and pool cues. Some important things to consider are whether you want all your equipment to fit into one snooker case and certainly there are more cases to choose from with a Blueray Screw-on telescopic cue extension as it is a slimmer product. Another important point to make is that I am only advising regarding our own telescopic cue extensions which are used by the professionals and which we make ourselves here in the U.K. There are Chinese copies which will not hold your cue straight and could even damage your cue as well as making you miss some important shots so if you want the best we advise that you either buy the original models from ourselves or one of our distributors. Hope this helps, though you are of-course welcome to phone us to discuss in more detail if you have any further questions.

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