Are telescopic cues allowed in Tournaments?


  1. Bill Morgan

    Hi, I purchased a bluemoon leisure cue plus 57 several years ago. I play in amateur tournaments where I live in  Ontario Canada. Several players have challenged the legality of my using a telescopic cue  in tournaments.  Is there a problem with this in the U.K and more specifically  in Ontario Canada.   BILL



    1. admin Post author

      Hi Bill, thanks for the e-mail I shall answer your question to the best of my knowledge. Certainly there are no rules in the U.K that state you are not able to use a telescopic cue at any level or in any tournament. Telescopic cue extensions have long been established within the world Billiard and Snooker Association, in fact to the point where the old style long tackle is no longer even part of the table equipment in major tournaments. Nearly all snooker players use the telescopic table rests and cue extensions that we make and it has been the case for so long now I can not ever see the situation changing. The equipment has been endorsed by the worlds best players and officials alike.

      With regards to pool, I know there are many of our telescopic cues being used worldwide but in particular within my own league in Devon, England. They are just a part of equipment that any player can buy and use so it is not giving any particular player an unfair advantage, they are available to everyone!

      You do not state whether it is snooker or pool tournaments you are playing in so I can not therefore vouch for the particular tournaments in Ontario you are playing in. There are so many different rules for various billiard and pool associations it would not be possible to confirm the legality within them all, but I can say that I am not aware of this equipment being banned within any snooker, Billiard and pool governing body.

      It is the case in nearly all modern day sports that new technology has changed the way equipment is made. From Athletics to Tennis to Golf, although it has to be said Golf is bringing in a ban on the `Long Putter` some time in the future. They have made it known in advance though, so if I were you unless there is a rule the players can quote to say otherwise in the tournaments you play in I would carry on using the Cueplus57 and use it to good effect and win as many matches as possible.

      Let us know if you win any tournaments with it! Good Luck, Rob

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