Do we supply Peradon cues?


Hi I contacted you a while ago about coming to look at some cues. I play pool and have been told perdon fletcher is a good snooker cue but can be used for pool I ideally want a one piece. Do u sell this brand? Thanks again lore


Hi Lore. The new showroom is taking longer then expected but I am trying to get it completed before the end of October. Having said this, we have had several visitors to the new premises who have been able to try some cues on our pool table. The only thing is that I have to get some cues out from our stock shelves instead of them all being on display.It will be better when the showroom is complete but for those who want to buy a cue more urgently and are prepared to take us as we are, they are welcome via an appointment. Regarding the Peradon Brand we are official stockest and can get any Peradon cue you want. We do not have any stock at the moment but will be including a selection of their cues in the new showroom. They are more expensive cues so we will not be stocking them in big qty’s so if you have a prefered model let me know and I will include one in my next stock order. Yes, you can play pool with a snooker cue but the tip sizes are normally determined by the size of the cue ball you are striking so a smaller tip is recommended for pool. If you wanted to use the same sue for snooker and pool then a bigger tip would be the way to go. The good thing about being able to try a number of cues in our showroom is that you do not just get a choice of different tip sizes but also of weights. Please feel free to give me a call if you want on 01271 889147.

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