Barracuda Blue Pool Cues

Barracuda were among the best cue makers in the U.K back in the 1990’s and their innovative designs helped with the continued development in the production of snooker and pool cues. The company were based in Kirkham but ceased production many years ago and cues that are produced with the Barracuda brand name now-a-days are cues either made under licence or worse, Chinese copies.

Barracuda Blue

Because Barracuda sold so many cues we often get asked to supply some of their snooker and pool cues and particularly some of their most popular models such as the Barracuda Kirkham snooker cue and the Barracuda Blue pool cue.

Brayford Blue

He have in the past bought some of these models from the licenced suppliers but as these are not made by the original Barracuda company in the UK the quality was not the same. Because we had no control over the quality and supply we decided to introduce some similar models under our own Blue Moon brand. This not only makes them more affordable but also gives us control over the manufacturers and the quality. Any cue that has the Blue Moon badge is always good value for money.

A model we introduced as replacement for the Barracuda Blue was our Brayford Blue and customers can see this model and purchase if they wish by visiting this webpage. It also comes in an attractive cue and case deal for even better value

Many customers who are looking to buy the Barracuda Blue are also customers who are looking for a cue to play with in restricted spaces so our Telescopic Cues also offer a good alternative for this purpose.

2 thoughts on “Barracuda Blue Pool Cues

  1. Gray Edmonds

    Lucky enough to still own a genuine Barracuda pool cue, I purchased it in 1992 and it is still my favourite cue.

    1. admin Post author

      They were very popular cues of their time. We do still get asked for them even though it is many years since they ceased production. Players should be aware that any new cues they see with the Barracuda name will almost certainly be cues made under licence and can not be compared with the originals.


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