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After sending 2 CuePlus telescopic pool cues to America our customer wrote asking this question;


I just received the two cue sticks ordered from your website. They are awesome, however my purchase order says that they were pool cues and I received snooker cue tips. Did I make a mistake when I ordered the pool cue? And if so do you sell a pool cue shaft that we can use in place of the snooker cue shaft?

Thank you

Cue+Plus USA 505 telescopic pool cueHi Jeanette, glad you have received the cues okay and that you think they are awesome. We do sell many of these cues to America and they are in fact pool cues with 8.5mm tips which is the best size tips for `English 8 ball pool` as the balls are smaller. The description on the product actually states ” The shafts are made from selected straight grained ash and have small 8.5mm tips for English Pool and will fit in a 2pc cue case for safe storage and easy transit.”

 Cueplus 505 USA American telescopic pool cueThe Cueplus 57 is a snookercue model and has a 9.5mm tip, and we also have 3 models for American pool, see these links

Maverick USA CuePlus

Cue included in CuePlus 55 package

 If it is American pool that you play then the bigger 13mm tips and maple shafts of these 3 models above may have been better suited to your requirements. We do get customers in America who play English 8 ball Pool, American 9 ball pool and snooker and all these different billiard games use different cue balls which determine different tip sizes.

 Unfortunately the shafts of our American cues have a different joint system so our American shafts would not fit the telescopic butts you have bought. We could perhaps custom make one for you but that would be very expensive and we are a bit too busy at the moment to make one as Christmas approaches.

 I could perhaps look at costs for doing this for you in the new year if this is something you might want to still consider. If we had a demand for separate shafts and we have a qty made then the cost would no doubt be more affordable if you could wait. We are launching a new sales campaign for the USA so it will depend on its success as to the cost effectiveness of going into bigger production of alternative shafts, but if we do it could bring costs down.

I hope this explains and answers your question but please do not hesitate to contact me should I be able to help further. In the meantime if there are any developments on these shafts sooner and I will keep your enquiry on file and try to remember to contact you to advise.

I would be interested how you found us in the first place? Perhaps our new sales campaigns in the USA are working!

Kind Regards, Rob

Robert Field

Product Manager

Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd

Ilfracombe EX34 9RA

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