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Our UK postal costs have been calculated into two categories, Standard and Express. 


Standard is the basic service, where the order is processed and despatched mostly through Royal Mail, through the cheapest postal rate. As you would expect, the cheapest is not normally the quickest though, and you should expect to wait up to 7 to 10 days, though in fact  most of our customers will often receive it quicker.

For more expensive items, we will sometimes upgrade to express at our own cost and you could receive the following day, but this is at our own discretion, so if you want an item more urgently you should consider our Express service.


Express is our quicker service, which customers prefer if they have a deadline for the products, such as a birthday, or if they have bought an expensive cue which they do not want in transit any longer then necessary.

If a package is being sent express it is unlikely it will be sent via Royal Mail, and it will normally require a signed signature. If there is a chance therefore that there might not be anyone available to `sign for` we ask that you give alternative delivery instructions. This could be `leave with a neighbour` but this does not mean we accept a `second` address, in a different street. You could ask to `leave in shed, porch or garage`. If you do make this request though, the packages will have to be left `unsigned -for` and we can not accept responsibility for theft or damage.

Some of our customers might often be out, and prefer to have their orders delivered to their place of work, or another address they can collect from.

If we are able to confirm your order and process your order the same day (and before collections have been made) , you will likely receive within 2 working days but we can not guarantee this (we can also try to make weekend deliveries for an extra cost). If we receive your order over a weekend or in the evenings outside working hours it does not necessarily mean the order will be despatched the next day, as this is dependent on whether we are able to process and pack your order before the carriers arrive. If the carriers make an A.M collection and we are not able to pack it in time then it will go the following day.

Express orders do get priority both in packing and available stock so it is well worth the small extra cost. We do promise to despatch your order as soon as possible, and if there are any problems we will contact you and advise. Once the package leaves our premises it is in the hands of the carriers, but we choose the carriers so accept it is our responsibility to the customer to use an efficient service.


Southwest_Airlines_Boeing._Overseas Orders; We supply our products all over the world, but in order for us to obtain the most competitive prices and use the most efficient methods for our overseas customers we price each order individually.  We will quote the postage costs for each overseas customer before accepting and processing their order.

Doing it this way usually saves our customers delivery costs because postage is often based on volumetric size as well as weight. It is possible to pay the `extra` overseas postage costs on-line by going to our overseas payment page (Click here) and changing the qty to the amount in the cart that we quote you.  

Table Deliveries

Table Deliveries; Orders for the MDF Home Tables can be taken on line, with charges for `kerbside delivery`.  Orders for the slate tables have to be taken through a phone-order, and a delivery cost will be calculated based on the location of the buyer.

Returns & Refunds 

Returns; Thankfully this happens very rarely, but if a customer does have a problem with any of our products they should contact us and explain the situation before returning the goods. If a customer chooses to send any goods back to us regardless, they are responsible for all postage costs and also the cost of any loss or damage if incurred by using the carrier of their choice.

Refunds; If a customer has bought a product that they choose not to keep, providing it has not been used, and is returned to us at the buyers cost in what we consider prestige condition for re-sale, we will refund the cost of the goods in full.  If the product is not received back in the same condition as it was sent we reserve the right at our own discretion to make any relevant charges incurred in making it suitable again for re-sale. We call this a `Re-stocking` charge which is rarely used but insures customers do take some care in sending any goods back to us. A refund can only be considered when the goods have been returned to us so please pay attention to our Returns statement above.

You can be assured we will deal with all returns in a professional manner.

You can be assured that whatever you buy from us, we will do our very best to satisfy your order as promptly as possible.

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17 thoughts on “Deliveries and Returns

  1. Rhidian Lloyd

    hi there.. just a reminder….. weights on back of Riley cue 3oz might be around 1″-2″ extension to the cue… smart extender thread…. when useing telescopic extension would be able to take it off the normal cue….
    Rhidian Lloyd…

  2. cyril

    Lovely cue but was expecting a three piece but is in fact a two piece?….can anyone explain to me what butt jointed 3 pce means

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Cyril, I have already replied directly to you, but I thought it would also be useful to include a page on ther website in case other customers may also like an explanation. If you follow the link below it will hopefully give you a more details explanation.
      Click Here

      1. admin Post author

        Hi Stephen, have just seen that you made an order for the MBS cue but did not pay the postage to the USA. I have sent you costs for this in a seperate e-mail if you wish to proceed, however this cue does not have a joint in the `bottom` of the cue for the extension. Instead you would need to remove the butt of the cue and replace with the cue extension. Does this explain the question you asked?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Raymond, you clicked the `Direct Bank Transfer` option, but you did not actually transfer any money in to our account so no payment has not yet been made. If you wish to go ahead you just have to make the order again on-line and pay the `Overseas postage` as I explained in the E-mail I sent you earlier. If you need any help please let me know, we have many overseas customers so there should not be a problem but I’ll do my best to help you if you need help.


    HI Rob, can you please tell me when my order will be sent as all the transaction have been done on my order number #4837 and approx. how long to arrive here,

    looking forward to getting it, many thanks, Ray

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Raymond, your order has been sent and you will hopefully receive next week. I will send you tracking information so you will be able to track the parcel yourself.

  4. kavi joshi

    Challenger butt-jointed snooker cue and case please can i have the weight of this cue? is it a heavy cue or a light one? and why are the product description very minimal, i cant understand is the product is what im after not giving enough information.

    1. admin Post author

      The Challenger normally comes in at 18 to 18.5 oz’s but sometimes we do get cues outside this range. We are always available to answer customer enquiries though we apologise for not answering this one sooner as we have been closed and this was stated on the website. We do not try to make descriptions minimal but weights can vary and we will do our best to match closest to any customers requirements, we believe all other information is there but if there is anything else you need to know that is not please advise.

    1. admin Post author

      You will find details of our mastercue 1pc range on this webpage . If there is any cue which you are interested in if you advise what weight, length etc you prefer I will see if there is one close to your required cue spec’ and advise. I can advise though that most of them will be aprox’ 18 to 18.5 oz’s in weight and 57 to 58 inches long. You are welcome to give us a phone call to discuss your requirements, we will certainly do our best to find you the cue that you want.

    1. admin Post author

      Normally between 17.5 and 18.5 oz’s but if you advise your preferred weight I will try to find one as close as I can to it. If I do not have any Arlingtomn cues close to that weight I am sure I could find you something that was. Length is normally aprox’ 57 inches.


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