Can you guarantee this cue is as described and won’t disappoint.


I’m interested in buying a  2 pc 3 section Blue Moon Cue and Case (Deal 230812a) can you tell me the weight of the cue and tip size?

I have bought a different cue from the internet prior and the cue wasn’t straight and the centre joint wasn’t so good.

Can you guarantee this cue is as described and won’t disappoint.

I have looked for reviews for your cue but can’t seem to find any.


Anthony Darroch – Sent from my iPhone

Our Reply

Hi Anthony,

The weight of the cue will normally be between 17.5 and 18.5 oz’s but if you have a preferred weight I can go through some and find one closest to your preferred weight. The tip size on this model is 9.5mm as this is a snooker cue and case deal. You can find more details on the cue by visiting this link .

Regarding quality, this is a very popular cue which is very good value for money cue. It is genuine spliced and not painted or transferred as many cues are in this price range. You will probably not find many reviews on this cue because we only sell them direct ourselves. We could put `made up` reviews on all our products as I believe some other suppliers do but it is not something we would even consider doing. Though there are no reviews on our site with the snooker model there are a couple on the pool model which you can see if you visit and scroll down the page.

Every cue is checked before despatch to pass our quality control, it will be straight but we do not check it by rolling it on a table as this is not the best way of checking any cue. Most cue company’s would advise the same.

It should also be noted that there is a difference between the £59 and the cues we sell that are £159. When considering quality you can not expect a £59 cue to be the same quality as one that costs 3 times as much but I can advise honestly that the Lynton offers very good value. You are also welcome to phone me to discuss if you wish and if you are local we have a showroom where you can actually try the cues. We are not just a company selling cues from a bedsit or garage, we are happy to speak to our customers and we sell our products all over the world. I would be interested where you got the last cue from.

I hope this helps but if you have any other questions please advise.

Kind Regards, Rob

Robert Field

Product Manager

Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd

1 – 2 King Street

Combe Martin

Ilfracombe EX34 0DB

Tel; 01271 889147 For a great selection of Snooker and Pool products for Pool, Snooker, Table Tennis and Table Football.



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