`Laser Pro` 3pc (butt-jointed) hand-spliced pool cue


The`Laser Pro` 3pc (butt-jointed) hand-spliced snooker cue with 8.5mm tip.

This cue has a hand-spliced Ebony hardwood butt with two hardwood front splices complimented by two attractive maple veneers. The cue is made from selected timbers and includes an ash shaft with enhanced grain and 8.5mm tip.  Sorry, we are out of stock of this model !  We do not know when we may be re-stocking so please consider an alternative cue from our range and if you would like any help contact our sales team.



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The`Laser Pro` 3pc (butt-jointed) hand-spliced pool cue with 8.5mm tip.

This cue has a hand-spliced Ebony hardwood butt with two hardwood front splices complimented by two attractive maple veneers. The cue is made from selected timbers and includes an ash shaft with enhanced grain and 8.5mm tip.

It has a joint in the bottom to accept optional extras of Mini-butt which is  cheaper if bought at the same time as the cue.

This genuine hand-spliced ebony hardwood butt gives the cue a nice feel with good balance. The selection of high quality timbers in the production process makes this a very nice cue to play with. A lovely hand-made cue by one of the very best cue makers in the world, the `Laser Pro` is one of our top cues,,, a very nice cue indeed.


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