Customer Bundles – Mark Hammerchef – Extenda – Australia


The page will be changed to suit a customers particular requirements and is for Mark Hammerchef who wants;

Extenda including postage to Australia.

This page is set up for our overseas customers who do not have to pay VAT. The VAT has been deducted and the postage added to give the total ammount payable. Simply click `add to cart` and then the `overseas postage`option at the cart. This will give the total payable. You should not order from this page unless you have been sent this link as postage in different areas of the world will incure different postage charges. We can not advise if any customs charges will be made so if you have concerns over this you should contact you local customs office. We will confirm your order including any tracking details when the order has been received. Thank you for using us and we welcome a review on the product when you have received.



This page has been designed for customers who have asked for particular snooker and pool `product bundles` that may have been put together at customers requests.

The page will be changed to suit a customers particular requirements.


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