Snooker Cue Extensions – Telescopic Push on & Screw on

The Best Snooker Cue Extensions available, developed and made in the U.K.

Telecue Extenda Cue ExtensionBlue Moon Leisure UK Ltd specialise in Telescopic snooker and pool equipment and have been involved with Telecue in the development of this equipment for over 20 years. Of-course, like all successful products copies have been made in China but nearly all the snooker cue extensions you see being used on the T.V by the world’s top players are Telecue products made by Blue Moon Leisure U.K Ltd.

The `Extenda` telescopic cue extension is seen on T.V being used at nearly all major snooker tournaments, including the World Snooker Championships. It fits all modern day snooker cues and has a lined grip to protect the players cue from scratching and the grip holds the butt firmly. The `Extenda` snooker cue BL16 Telescopic screw-on snooker cue extensionextensions are particularly popular with players who do not have joints in the bottom of their cues so can not use the Blueray telescopic snooker cue extensions. They can also be attached to most end-of-tale rests which will enable them to reach down the other end of the table for really long shots.

Professionals want to be sure their equipment is reliable and won’t let them down, and the best cue makers in the U.K also realise this and buy the Blueray snooker cue extensions to fit their own cues. It may surprise some to know that they also realise this in China and that is where many of these snooker cue extensions end up.


BL18 Blueray mini-butt.

If you are considering buying  a  snooker cue from us you should perhaps consider buying one of our Blueray Telescopic snooker cue extensions as they are cheaper if bought at the same time. We can also be sure of putting in the correct joint to match your cue. If you would like some advice we could put together a neat package so that all your snooker equipment fits inside your cue case.

If you are looking for a Blueray to fit a snooker cue you already have then we might also be able to help if you advise what cue it is required to fit. We do stock a good selection of threads and there is a very good chance we can supply a Blueray telescopic screw-in cue extension if your cue is either a Blue Moon cue,BCE, Riley (Smart Compatible) or Mastercue.

Blueray BL11 telescopic snooker cue extension.There are also many other makes of cue though where we have been able to fit the style of joint required.  If you are buying  a Blueray on its own we recommend you phone us in the first instance so we can check the type of joint, and if we are unable to get the joint we will try to recommend someone who can.

The Blueray telescopic snooker cue extensions come in three sizes. Our most popular model is probably the BL16  which for most players will help them to reach any area of the table. The cue extension is screwed into the bottom of the cue so there is no need to remove the butt of the cue. It will then give an extra reach of 23 inches (closed) to 37 inches (opened) but of course you can choose any length in between.

Push-on cue extension.The BL18 that is an extendable mini-butt and has proved quite popular even though it only has an extra reach of 11 inches (closed) to 15 inches (open). It will still help reach many of the shots where the player might otherwise be stretching.

The BL11 Blueray is a longer extension that is designed to go directly into the shaft so it would normally have a female joint. The player would have to remove the butt of the cue before being able to attach it and it is 29 inches (closed) and 51 inches (opened) Some customers think they are getting better value because of the extra length but remember these snooker cue extensions are only longer because it has to also make up for the fact that the cue butt has been removed in order to attach it. Some customers who have bought this extension for that reason have been disappointed when they realise because it is longer it will not fit inside their cue case.

We do also supply `none telescopic` snooker cue extensions in the form of Mini-butts and our Standard push-on cue extension. Some of our cues actually come with a free mini-butt and many of those that don’t (but have the facility) can be bought as an optional extra.

The Standard (non-telescopic) push-on snooker cue extension is still made in the U.K with the same components as in the Extenda so it still has the same `firm` grip of the players cue. This cue extension is often bought by clubs where it will not only fit most players cues to provide extra reach, but it can also be used as an extension for an end-of-table rest.

The Standard push-on cue extension is a low cost snooker accessory that will still enable a player to reach most areas of the table with their own cue without having to use the `wobbly` long tackle that is now rarely seen or used.

The Professionals feel our snooker cue extensions are a vital part of their cue equipment that will help their game and you can buy exactly the same products yourself. Be assured, what ever your requirements for snooker cue extensions we will do our best to help.


6 thoughts on “Snooker Cue Extensions – Telescopic Push on & Screw on

  1. adam capell

    hi all, i have a willie holt cue which is quite rare however it being old and a 1 piece , its butt is thicker than that of normal standard cues. i dont really want to drill into the base of the cue but im having trouble finding a push on extendable cue extension for it . any ideas or advice? i dont want to drill into the cue in fear of decreasing its value as iv been offered a quite a lot of money for it. not that id ever sell it as my grandson uses it and is looking at becoming a pro in later years. his coach at present is gary wilkinson and he loves the holt cue but as hes only 9 he needs the rest a fair bit on a full size table.
    thanks for any help/advice on this .

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Adam,

      There are very few cues in which our Extenda does not fit. There are unfortunately some Chinese copies which are smaller so first we have to determine that it is one of ours that you have been trying. If you can find an Extenda with the patent number on it will be one of our models and if you try it please let us know if that will in fact fit. In some cases with very old cues the size of the butt might be different and if possible we will try to find a way around it, but it may not be possible. Lets try though. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss. 01271 889147.

  2. paul horvath

    what length is the standard not telescopic extension and what diamater cue will it take i have a bce cue

    1. admin Post author

      The Standard Push-On cue extensions are designed to fit all Snooker Cues for easy and quick accessibility. It is 25 1/4 inches (64 cm’s ) total length and gives approximately 18 inches (45 cm’s) extra reach when the cue is inserted. I would recommend the `Extenda` if you require extra reach, plus the grip is lined so the Extenda is a better product but the Standard push-on will do a job and is good value for money.

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Darren, there are some differance of-course between a push-on and a screw-on cue extension but be assured that either product that you buy from ourselves will work very well indeed.The Extenda Push-on cue extension will fit any snooker cue and is still used by many professionals as you will see on T.V. It is quick and easy to apply and even players who have a Blueray Telescopic cue extension sometimes will still use them. They can also be added to rests to extend their length as well. The Blueray telescopic cue extensiopns will require the correct joint to fit your cue as there are many different types of joints so one of these extensions will not fit all cues. We can provide these extensions however in a number of different joints which will fit many of the most common joints used in the manufacture of snooker and pool cues. Some important things to consider are whether you want all your equipment to fit into one snooker case and certainly there are more cases to choose from with a Blueray Screw-on telescopic cue extension as it is a slimmer product. Another important point to make is that I am only advising regarding our own telescopic cue extensions which are used by the professionals and which we make ourselves here in the U.K. There are Chinese copies which will not hold your cue straight and could even damage your cue as well as making you miss some important shots so if you want the best we advise that you either buy the original models from ourselves or one of our distributors. Hope this helps, though you are of-course welcome to phone us to discuss in more detail if you have any further questions.

  4. admin Post author

    Hi Daniel, we have spoken and hopefully sorted this one out. You should receive your Blueray telescopic cue extension in the next day or so. Thanks for buying from us.


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