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Last posting dates and showroom visits for Xmas 2000

It has been a difficult year for us all but we are hoping to re-open our showroom some time before Xmas for our local customers and have still continued to sell our products all over the world throughout the Covid crisis. We now have our decorations up and we are ready to supply you with some great snooker and pool products, where ever you are. We are expecting a surge in on-line purchases and all postal services are likely to be busy so we advise you order a.s.a.p . It is a good time to remind customers of our last posting dates and our Xmas shutdown period.

Last postage dates.

Standard post; Carrier Hermes allows 5 working days and at this busy time of the year it is already `touch and go` as to whether orders will reach customers in time if you use our Standard service. If you are not in any particular hurry, we will still be dispatching up to Tuesday 22nd December. It could be that we are able to dispatch after this date but we are reliant on the Hermes carrier service as we have no `drop off` point in our location. We recommend that if you need any order urgently that you use our Express service. All orders received after this date will be dispatched a.s.a.p following our return on Jan 4th.

Express post; Carrier UPS will normally deliver a next day carrier service, though once again we would allow at least 2 working days (not weekends) to be sure. With this in mind we will be dispatching up to Tuesday 22nd December. Our location means however that we are one of UPS first collections and we would require sufficient time to pack the product and even in some cases make it. We recommend therefore that your order is received before 5.00 pm Monday 21st December. All orders received after this date will be dispatched a.s.a.p following our return on Jan 4th, and all Express orders will be given priority.

Showroom Visits; By appointment only, we offer local customers (and some not so local!) an opportunity to do some late Christmas shopping by visiting our showroom and choosing from our very extensive range of snooker and pool cues. We hope that providing Covid restrictions allow to accept showroom visits up to Tuesday 22nd December. 

Christmas Shutdown;  After a difficult year we are looking forward and hoping to be able to spend some time over the Xmas Christmas break with our families which will start on Wednesday December 23rd and are not open on a daily basis again until Monday Jan 4th.  We understand that many customers on Christmas holidays may find the Christmas break a good opportunity to visit us so depending on family commitments we may be able to fit in one or two showroom visits. We will be going into the unit during this period but only on occasions so please contact us on 01271 889147 or e-mail for more details.

Lastly! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers, past, present and future. We appreciate your custom very much and hope that this time next year Covid will be long gone. Take care, keep safe!

I have a loose ferule, how can I fix it?



I’ve liked your cue very much and I’m starting to really get familiar with it. I started to use the shaft with 8mm tip for 8-ball and it really seems to be more accurate if you just hit the ball exactly on the right spot. And sometimes it’s great in narrow spaces when there are obstructing balls nearby. With the smaller tip and shaft there’s more room to manouver in tight spaces. Definite plus.

But now I have a small problem. The cue fell down on the floor once and now the metal ring at the tip is loose. It sounds bad when hitting a ball but still works fine. Although I don’t like the sound at all and I also think that the metal ring will loosen up even more if not fixed. What is the best way to tighten the ring? Now it revolves quite easily when turned. I don’t fully understand the purpose of the whole ring there as the tip itself is still tight on its place and doesn’t move at all.


Jani Auvinen


Hi Jani, I’m happy that you are pleased with your cue and sorry you have a problem.

I presume you are talking about the brass ferule below the tip. The purpose of the ferule is to stop the cue shortening when the tip is changed. Also, on the small tipped cues it helps to strengthen the cue as obviously the would is quite small at this point and takes a lot of impact when hitting the ball hard. We always recommend players use a different cue for breaking if they break very hard and in fact many pool players now use a separate `breaking cue` for this purpose.

With regards the problem you have with the loose ferule I would recommend the following;

Remove the tip. This is something that has to be done at some point anyway so is not a major repair at all, and you can see how we recommend changing a tip by following this link on our website . Before you fix the new tip however make sure the ferule is also glued on properly. If it is as loose as you suggest you should be able to lift it off a little, put a drop of loctite superglue on the exposed wood underneath and then push the ferule back down and hold for a while. I would then leave it for a little while before putting a new tip on.

When you put the tip back on the tip should also be glued to the ferule which is something else that will help prevent the ferule turning.

Do not worry, it does not sound like anything serious is broken on the cue unless it was dropped with such force that the shaft has cracked. I would be surprised if this was the case and would think that if you followed these instructions carefully the problem will be fixed. I hope so anyway, please let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards, Rob

New Snooker and Pool showroom open at Blue Moon Leisure

Blue Moon Leisure are pleased to announce that the New Showroom is now open 

Our relocation this year to our new premises at Combe Martin, North Devon, has presented some challenges but customers can now visit us by appointment and have the whole showroom to themselves. Snooker and pool enthusiasts can browse our extensive range of snooker and pool cues and cue cases at their leisure. We have a very wide range of cues from £25 to £189 and you can try them on our showroom pool table before you buy. We have nearly 200 cues on display and we will do our best to help you select the best cue to suit your requirements within your budget. We will try to arrange a time convenient with you, which could include weekends and evenings. If you are unable to visit our showroom there is still time to purchase by mail order. Our express service can offer a next day delivery if we receive the order in time to pack before the carrier arrives. For our overseas customers we will do our best to find the most cost effective postage method. If you would like some help with buying a Xmas gift we would be pleased to suggest some ideas from our product range, and we also offer Gift Vouchers . You are welcome to phone us on 01271 889147 or e-mail and you can be assured we will do our best to help you.


Small tipped pool cue and case within a £50 to £90 budget, is hand-spliced best?

Sometimes our customers ask us some questions which you may find useful to know of our answers when choosing a new cue.

Hi, Luke

I’ve played snooker all my life but recently joined a pool team league and I noticed other players cues having a smaller diameter tip offering them better control and spin of the white.

I’m looking for some advice on your range of cues, ideally I’d like a hand spliced one as I remember being told these were higher quality cues.

Ideally I’d like a complete package with mini butt and case, my budget is from £50-90…

Any advice would be appreciated, I have no preference with 2pc 1/2, 3/4 or a 3pc… I reckon 1pc will be out of my budget.

Thanks in advance


 Luke Allan

Our Answer was as follows;

Hi Luke, thanks for the e-mail.

We have lots of pool cues in that price range so I would suggest you follow these links below and narrow down your choice to the ones you like based on the design you favour and price.

1 pc  . From this link you will find some cues in the £79 range but the mini-butts are extra and because the 1 pc cases are longer they are also more expensive. We would only be able to send these cues at the express price because of the length, so truthfully as you said these cues are a little outside your budget. There is a far wider choice in the 2pc and butt-jointed cues that would also be within your budget so unless you have a real preference for a 1 pc I would consider instead some of these other options.

2pc. . If you follow this link it will take you to our 2pc pool cues where there are about 3 pages of cues that might be within your budget, including some of our unique telescopic pool cues. The telescopic cues may not have been cues you have seen before as we presently make them and only supply through our own website. As you mention hand-spliced cues you will also find some of those in these pages, including the Lynton which is a popular model.

Butt-jointed pool cues. . If you follow this link you it will take you to a page full of butt-jointed cues that will be within your budget. There are some very good value butt-jointed cues here, including some hand-spliced models.

Pool cue and case deals. By following this link you will see some cue and case deals we have put together for our pool customers. We are regularly changing our cue and case deals and we do have recently received some stock that we have not had time yet even put on our website. The Arlington cue and case package    would probably be at the top end of your budget but is a nice package.

You may like to go through our cues and cases and put together your own package within your budget. Some of the pool cues do come with free mini-butts and you can them choose your own case to go with it. It is important if you do this that you check the cue does in fact take a mini-butt if that is important to you. Unlike our snookercues which nearly all accept a mini-butt, some of our pool cues don’t so please check if you want one.

What you say about the Hand-spliced cues being a higher quality, this does not always apply. You might have better materials in some of the machine splices cues then in some of the Hand-spliced cues. For example some hand-spliced models in Rosewood could be cheaper then a machine-spliced cue made in Ebony. What I can say is that each model is priced to give very good value for money, no matter if it is machine spliced or hand-spliced we like to feel that any cue bought from our website offers excellent value to the customer.

Hope this helps. Of-course if you have any questions at all you are always welcome to call me to discuss on 01271 889147.

Kind Regards, Rob


Barracuda Blue Pool Cues

Barracuda were among the best cue makers in the U.K back in the 1990’s and their innovative designs helped with the continued development in the production of snooker and pool cues. The company were based in Kirkham but ceased production many years ago and cues that are produced with the Barracuda brand name now-a-days are cues either made under licence or worse, Chinese copies.

Barracuda Blue

Because Barracuda sold so many cues we often get asked to supply some of their snooker and pool cues and particularly some of their most popular models such as the Barracuda Kirkham snooker cue and the Barracuda Blue pool cue.

Brayford Blue

He have in the past bought some of these models from the licenced suppliers but as these are not made by the original Barracuda company in the UK the quality was not the same. Because we had no control over the quality and supply we decided to introduce some similar models under our own Blue Moon brand. This not only makes them more affordable but also gives us control over the manufacturers and the quality. Any cue that has the Blue Moon badge is always good value for money.

A model we introduced as replacement for the Barracuda Blue was our Brayford Blue and customers can see this model and purchase if they wish by visiting this webpage. It also comes in an attractive cue and case deal for even better value

Many customers who are looking to buy the Barracuda Blue are also customers who are looking for a cue to play with in restricted spaces so our Telescopic Cues also offer a good alternative for this purpose.

12 foot snooker table £150

Another enquiry to us regarding a possible snooker table purchase. The seller wants £150 to get rid of, needs to go by Friday 25th. Any interested buyers should contact us on 01271 864922 for more details. Please note the table is in Poole and the buyer has to arrange collection, as well as installation and re-assembly. We could help with help advise with this and even perhaps give a price if needed. We are not selling this table ourselves, just passing on this information in case any of our facebook followers might be interested.

12 ft snooker table

Snooker and Pool hall closure results in pool and snooker table clearance

20161116_144211_llsSnooker and Pool hall closure results in pool and snooker table clearance and also includes some accessories such as lights and shades. There are also some other spare parts from tables that have been partly dismantled that might be useful to someone who is looking to refurbish part of their table.

20161116_143954_llsPlease note, we are not selling these tables, we are just making snooker and pool players who use our sites aware of this clearance.

We can give more information if interested by phoning us to discuss. The tables are in the South of England and not local to ourselves so any buyers will have to make their own arrangements for collection and re installation.

Most snooker tables appear to be standard square legged club tables and the pool tables appear to be SAM American pool tables.

Cueplus 505 USA American telescopic pool cue

American 9 ball pool shafts

After sending 2 CuePlus telescopic pool cues to America our customer wrote asking this question;


I just received the two cue sticks ordered from your website. They are awesome, however my purchase order says that they were pool cues and I received snooker cue tips. Did I make a mistake when I ordered the pool cue? And if so do you sell a pool cue shaft that we can use in place of the snooker cue shaft?

Thank you

Cue+Plus USA 505 telescopic pool cueHi Jeanette, glad you have received the cues okay and that you think they are awesome. We do sell many of these cues to America and they are in fact pool cues with 8.5mm tips which is the best size tips for `English 8 ball pool` as the balls are smaller. The description on the product actually states ” The shafts are made from selected straight grained ash and have small 8.5mm tips for English Pool and will fit in a 2pc cue case for safe storage and easy transit.”

 Cueplus 505 USA American telescopic pool cueThe Cueplus 57 is a snookercue model and has a 9.5mm tip, and we also have 3 models for American pool, see these links

Maverick USA CuePlus

Cue included in CuePlus 55 package

 If it is American pool that you play then the bigger 13mm tips and maple shafts of these 3 models above may have been better suited to your requirements. We do get customers in America who play English 8 ball Pool, American 9 ball pool and snooker and all these different billiard games use different cue balls which determine different tip sizes.

 Unfortunately the shafts of our American cues have a different joint system so our American shafts would not fit the telescopic butts you have bought. We could perhaps custom make one for you but that would be very expensive and we are a bit too busy at the moment to make one as Christmas approaches.

 I could perhaps look at costs for doing this for you in the new year if this is something you might want to still consider. If we had a demand for separate shafts and we have a qty made then the cost would no doubt be more affordable if you could wait. We are launching a new sales campaign for the USA so it will depend on its success as to the cost effectiveness of going into bigger production of alternative shafts, but if we do it could bring costs down.

I hope this explains and answers your question but please do not hesitate to contact me should I be able to help further. In the meantime if there are any developments on these shafts sooner and I will keep your enquiry on file and try to remember to contact you to advise.

I would be interested how you found us in the first place? Perhaps our new sales campaigns in the USA are working!

Kind Regards, Rob

Robert Field

Product Manager

Blue Moon Leisure UK Ltd

Ilfracombe EX34 9RA

Tel; 01271 864922 For a great selection of Snooker and Pool products for Pool, Snooker, Table Tennis and Table Football.










Pool Table Diner for Sale – £450

Second Hand Pool Table Diner for Sale – Reduced to £450. Now a real bargain!

A customer of ours has a pool table for sale with a two section cover so it can also be used as a dinning table. Cloth is in playable condition but new owner may want to recover, otherwise it is in excellent condition. Owner wants fast sale so anyone interested should contact us as quickly as possible.

The table is situated near Ilfracombe, Devon, and the buyer will have to collect. However it is a single slate table so not too difficult to move and help and advise can be given if needed.

Ring 01271 864922 if interested, expecting a quick sale.

IMG_0348 IMG_0351 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0358

`Cushdy` Hand-spliced 2pc pool cues with 8mm tips


Our New `Cushdy` Handspliced  Pool Cue Range are 2pc pool cues have steel mid-joints and ferules and steel ring in the butt that gives these pool cues a good weighty balance. They are fitted with 8mm tips for better ball control in the game of English Pool. The hand-splices are full wrap (all around) of Rosewood and variouse colour resins which give them an attrractive marble effect. There is a butt socket for optional mini-butt. The shafts are made from selected ash with straght grain which makes these cues not just attractive but also very nice to play with. And at a great price too of only £59. For more details click on any of the cues below.

Cushdy white 2pc pool cue

Click cue for more details


Cushdy Blue 2pc pool cue

Click cue for more details

Cushdy Red 2pc pool cue

Click cue for more details



Express is our quicker service, which customers prefer if they have a deadline for the products, such as a birthday, or if they have bought an expensive cue which they do not want in transit any longer then necessary. All customers who use this service also get priority with packing and despatching so receive preference on any items that are low on stock.

If a package is being sent express it is unlikely it will be sent via Royal Mail, and it will normally require a signed signature. If there is a chance therefore that there might not be anyone available to `sign for` we ask that you give alternative delivery instructions. This could be `leave with a neighbour` but this does not mean we accept a `second` address, in a different street. You could ask to `leave in shed, porch or garage`. If you do make this request though, the packages will have to be left `unsigned -for` and we can not accept responsibility for theft or damage.

Some of our customers might often be out, and prefer to have their orders delivered to their place of work, or another address they can collect from.

If we are able to confirm your order and process your order the same day (and before collections have been made) , you will likely receive within 2 days but we can not guarantee this (we can also try to make weekend deliveries for an extra cost). If we receive your order over a weekend or in the evenings outside usual working hours it does not necessarily mean the order will be despatched the next day as this will depend how busy we are and if we are able to process your order before the carriers arrive. If the carriers make an A.M collection we may not be able to pack it in time so it might have to go the following day.

Express orders do get priority though and we do promise to despatch your order as soon as possible, and if there are any problems we will contact you and advise. Once the package leaves our premises it is in the hands of the carriers, but we choose the carriers so accept it is our responsibility to the customer to use an efficient service.


8ft x 4ft slate bed snooker table for sale

8 ft Snooker Table for Sale – £500 Collected. SOLD

Have you got the room for this nice little antique snooker table?

Measurement’s 100.5 inches x 52.5 inches outside


playing area 93 inches x 45 inches

PT 8ft 3/4 slate bed snooker table

An antique 3/4 size (8ft x 4ft) snooker table with a 1pc slate for sale in the Barnstaple area.

Includes lights, snooker balls and accessories including a number of cues.

Phone 01271 864922 for more details.

Ref ptravis37409